Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gonna leaving soon :(

Yes! I am gonna leaving my beloved uni, UUM :(
It's just left a couple of days, but i have a lots of things haven't completed yet!!! my very last subject, psychology.....
.....writing letter for my lovely block-mate.....
......pack my stuff, is MANY.....
......capture and capture again..... all my favorite food in uum.....

I don't know whether I'll cry or not when the day come
but I just feel that I'd miss many things that I supposed to have
I lost my Sem2,3,4,5 memories because I seldom hung out with them
you know, I'm passive person
I even no dare initiate to find them, one of the reason is the distance between our room is quite far and another reason is I have him..How regret am I you know, but

time can not be again, so it is more cherish 


I'm very grateful that our distance more closer than ever since I move another room, is just nearby yours rooms :D Everyday we meet each other and always 38 together... I know that 


I will 
miss HUI LEE serius face
miss PEY SHIN 38 face
miss SUSAN whitey face
miss SWEE HEONG potatoes face
miss PEI YING hiaohiao face
miss PHOE KHENG pattern face
miss WAI SHIN old women face 

and last but not the least,


Thank you for being my friend

countdown for 3 days

This song touch my heart 

在你左右 还有多久
怎么样才能让时间倒流 每一分每一秒都珍重
握紧的手 不愿放松 十点半的飞机它在等候
不要再让自己的眼泪流 我必须要走 要记得~~~
我们的故事真难忘 太多的回忆和希望
不管它有多疯狂 我愿意一生收藏
我们的故事不能忘 太多的情节要发展
不要放弃 因为有一天缘份会继续

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday eve

yes, i admit i am very look forward to my birthday...
even i know tomorrow what will happen...
i know my dear will bring me to where...
but nvm, i am still very excited!! huhu......
sometimes, i feel when i expect more, i will get less than i expect...
so, better dun expect it, 顺其自然~

I know i am lucky girl, I already got what i wish to have from him^^
THANKEWWWWW <3 my dear~

Monday, December 12, 2011


Yes, I am very happy right now;)) why? Even I spend much (is really a lots!! For me), even my lappy was spoilt ( erm...i think is motherboard was burned, cannot open,cannot movie, is not a big deal, just repair it......sound good, but my heart was broken =[)
but I feel good^^ haha..crazy me!! I'm try to imagine ur face when you got it from me LOL is very funny..dunno, just very funny :P I really hope that you will love this present..and hope I didn't make a wrong decision ;)
love You babe =3=
Erm... Actually I want to record what the stuff I bought today, but my whitey not allowed me to do so...:(
Why.......anyone one can tell me how to post photo from iPad la!!
I just need it to record my life
Is late, is time to do mask and sleep ;)

recently I like to do mask, my skin is worst now, I need to save her (my skin )~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pricey Memory

block dinner once a year was passed on last week
this is the forth time i attend block dinner
1st sem = 1st time
''unimall cafe''
2nd sem = 2nd time
''EON hall''
3rd sem = 3rd time
''badminton court''
4th sem = 4th time
''TM hall''

time pass so fast
now is near to the end of sem 4
recall the first day i step in uum
many picture appear in my mind
first day register at hall
with my parents
bring alots of thing
knew new friends
attend class
ko k
hang out with friends
and many

still left 2 sem to go
so fast
not willing to leave
people must grow up
i should grow up
what i can do is
enjoy now

i'm treasuring the time you by my side
i'm appreciating your help
i'm so sorry whatever i do that hurt you
i'm enjoying my life

i talk too far ><
go back to my block dinner
actually the feel not bad
block dinner titled as
''Pricey Memory"

as the title say
our memory is pricey
no one can replace or remove your memory
except yourself
(p/s: sometimes will forget =P)

 For those forgetful person, like me
the best way to keep the memory is

only photo
can tell the true story

before go thr
block E members
say cheese
waaa~ roomate so tall >.<
roomate and me
she look like 主播
start eating!!!
the door gift is a pair of spoon and fork
me and leng nui keng ~
smile =)
funny pey shin~
since i forget charge my camera's and hand phone's battery
so i just take few pic oni

''we do not remember days; we remember moments"

Monday, April 18, 2011

rushing for assignment =(

PLS....give me more time....i want finish this assignment before wednesday. I can do it? >.< I hope i can. This assignment not a easy work, is COMPLECATED! erm... be honestly, I am not a hardworking people, yes, people know~ =P The previous assignment i done mostly come from internet and book, normally we call this type of assignment ''COPY AND PASTE''. hehe...Of course i will pick the important or needed part from various place and edit it before i put in my assignment^^ and make sure this is not fully copy from internet, because sometimes lecturer will check it but normally they wont check. Yes, i done my assignment, is ''ROJAK''~ LOL

But this time different, this subject lecturer is strict especially assignment!! She will check our assignment and make sure it is not copy from internet. She allow us find information from internet, but dun copy it. SO, I MUST DO IT SERIOUSLY !!! yes , i know i can!! BE CONFIDENT~~~~

Our topic is E-commerce and we must find the specific area which we wan to discuss in our assignment and hence we choose 4 main barriers of e-commerce and my part is privacy. Erm...just read abit journal about privacy, so coarsely know about privacy as major barrier of e-conmmerce. Privacy is the ability to manage information about oneself. Or you can say privacy is willingness of someone share their information over internet. Nowadays, more and more people concern about their privacy will disclosure or misuse while giving personal information. dot dot............

I must read all the journal which related before i start to do my part. haiz....can i handle this?? I trust i can but i have no time. Tomorrow gt class until 2pm after that need to go hall for distribute the donut and delivery them. I think i just free at night!!! Furthermore, i need to worry about whether my block gt water or nt!! if not, still wanna walk to another block for shower =(

Is late
Is time to meet uncle chow XP
Is time to sleep
Good Nite~❤

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


wish they happy forever~❤
they are the artists from Taiwan
i like them so much!!!!