Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gonna leaving soon :(

Yes! I am gonna leaving my beloved uni, UUM :(
It's just left a couple of days, but i have a lots of things haven't completed yet!!! my very last subject, psychology.....
.....writing letter for my lovely block-mate.....
......pack my stuff, is MANY.....
......capture and capture again..... all my favorite food in uum.....

I don't know whether I'll cry or not when the day come
but I just feel that I'd miss many things that I supposed to have
I lost my Sem2,3,4,5 memories because I seldom hung out with them
you know, I'm passive person
I even no dare initiate to find them, one of the reason is the distance between our room is quite far and another reason is I have him..How regret am I you know, but

time can not be again, so it is more cherish 


I'm very grateful that our distance more closer than ever since I move another room, is just nearby yours rooms :D Everyday we meet each other and always 38 together... I know that 


I will 
miss HUI LEE serius face
miss PEY SHIN 38 face
miss SUSAN whitey face
miss SWEE HEONG potatoes face
miss PEI YING hiaohiao face
miss PHOE KHENG pattern face
miss WAI SHIN old women face 

and last but not the least,


Thank you for being my friend

countdown for 3 days

This song touch my heart 

在你左右 还有多久
怎么样才能让时间倒流 每一分每一秒都珍重
握紧的手 不愿放松 十点半的飞机它在等候
不要再让自己的眼泪流 我必须要走 要记得~~~
我们的故事真难忘 太多的回忆和希望
不管它有多疯狂 我愿意一生收藏
我们的故事不能忘 太多的情节要发展
不要放弃 因为有一天缘份会继续

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